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If you can think it, we can build it - especially if it is too complex to mold with traditional methods. 


Your data can become a solid object faster from the industry standard .STL format.  We also work in Imageware Surfacer RPM, MAGICS RP, Surfcam and Kubotek (Pro E, NX,  Catia v4 & v5, SolidWorks) on Windows 7 with PC hardware.  We offer file review and clean-up and product design assistance.


With SLS, we quickly transform your 3D CAD data into three-dimensional plastic or elastomer objects.  You get a working part in your hand to test, adjust, sample materials, mold, or plan assemblies.  A variety of finishes are available.  Complex features are no problem.  Actually, we are the shop to call when others can not solve your problems.


SLS parts can be used as patterns for prototype molds or used in conjunction with molded parts in an assembly.  We offer RTV Silicone Rubber (soft tools) which provide urethane parts in a variety of colors and durometers.  Our Aluminum Molds produce parts with actual injection molded materials giving longer tool life for larger quantity runs.  Molds can be used to test materials which is a time and money saving step for modification reviews with actual working parts.


We offer high or low volume thermoplastic injection molding starting at 5 ton 7 grams going to 55 ton 64 gram working with commodity and engineering resins.  Part sizes can range from fractions of a gram to 60 grams and are complete out of the mold via runnerless molding which translates into lower final parts costs.  Custom compound quotes are available.  And, we coordinate to the Pantone Color System.


Do it right, do it fast, keep final costs down.  When your job needs many features, we affiliate with associated services to keep the process flowing.  In house, we also offer over molding, color matching, PAD printing, decorating, assembly, and kit packaging (hardware included, sealed, labeled, and shipped).

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